Emarat Al-Ard Research Centre for Sustainable Development

EMARDEV is a leading non-profit organisation that strives to shape a better future for all through comprehensive, balanced and inclusive sustainable development. We believe that by taking an interdisciplinary approach to research, publications, training courses and events, we will empower a wide range of stakeholders to make a meaningful impact in their communities and on the world. With your support, we will continue to drive progress, inspire positive change and maximise impact. Together, we will create a sustainable future for all.

About Us

Who are we?

EMARDEV is a London-based independent research centre that aims to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development at global, national, and local levels, with a regional focus on MENA and OIC countries and their diaspora communities.

Through the use of its novel methodology, Emarat Al-Ard indices™ to assess countries’ sustainable development performance, rigorous and robust interdisciplinary research, knowledge exchange programmes, and consultancy services, EMARDEV helps state and non-state actors in developing and assessing their sustainable development objectives, targets, policies, strategies and monitoring & evaluation processes and help in aligning their efforts towards a comprehensive, balanced and inclusive sustainable development.

Our Research Areas

Indices Research & Development

Universal Objectives and Interfaith Dialogue

Future Generations Empowerment




Education & Intellectual Enlightenment



Our Services

Sustainable Development Assesment

Based on a wide range of indicators, objectives, targets, policies, and metrics,  we provide Sustainable Development assessment using different methodologies and frameworks.

Research &

Interdisciplinary research is key to innovation. Our research teams from diverse fields join forces and collaborate in different interdisciplinary research projects to tackle different sustainability challenges.

Conferences &

Sharing knowledge is one of our goals so we host conferences to raise awareness about the latest sustainability research, trends, and goals. Through networking with other academics and professionals, we could address pertinent sustainability challenges and extend our collaboration.


Based on the collective and diverse knowledge of our team in the field of sustainable development, we support the different decision-makers throughout their sustainability journey helping them in achieving their sustainability goals and maximising their impact.

Training Courses

We strive to become a key sustainability hub for capacity building. Our training courses primarily target young researchers, academics, and professionals to help them develop a critical understanding of sustainability, and adopt the latest sustainability standards & frameworks in their related industries.

Seminars, Webinars & Workshops

Our seminars are designed to provide participants with opportunities to learn from experts in the sustainability field, ask questions, and engage in discussions with others. At EMARDEV, we invite experts and speakers from different disciplines to share their knowledge and expertise with our participants.

Our Partners & Sponsors